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Behind the scene of an internal TV program

Back in 2012, when I joined my current company, I set up a monthly TV program called "CSO News" for a global department to "meet" - see and hear each other every month. As you may have guessed, it's quite challenging to meet regularly together when the team is actually +8000 people in 92 countries :-) And a mail is pretty impersonal so we came up with this program instead. "CSO News" emission is three fold with the news presented by the senior vice-president, a focus report with internal teams and a "guest" interview for us to have also an external view of the same theme, from a customer perspective for example. The full program is about 15' duration and broadcasted into 2 languages every month. Extracts are available on demand.

Here below was the making of CSO New 21 on the theme of ... Communication, filmed in December 2013.

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