Hi there, I'm Mirana, a business communication designer. 


Initially a fashion designer and a tech fan, I was asked to take up a challenge few years ago: set up and run a communication department within a leading company at the beginning of digital era. I was 20 and frankly wondering if this was a joke but then I realized that there were people counting on me and they trust me. I love challenges so I gave it a try with passion. 


Created from scratch, the experience happened to be a disruptive approach mixing sensitive design, creative vision and new technologies with lots of fun! Whether it was for internal communication, marketing, advertising, branding, or corporate events, and for the whole spectrum of communication channels. I was far from expecting such a success with my very first team and we didn’t even realize the concrete impact until we got the figures and feedbacks. 


That was more than 15 years ago. Since then I took up many other challenges at global level but the inner philosophy still applies: I believe we can reach for the stars from the time we do things based on trust, respect and passion; taking into consideration human being behaviors alongside market trends, business objectives, financial resources and technology evolution as a magic wand. Communication recipe is exactly the same. It's not just a job title nor a department, it's a state of mind enhanced with state of the art techniques. All the magic is there and I’m willing to continue to spread sparkles wherever it’s needed :-)

Once upon a time...